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Full pool re-lining service

Here at 1066 Pools, we have both the expertise and equipment to offer a full pool relining service throughout East Sussex and the West of Kent. Whether your pool domestic, commercial, school, or a holiday park no pool is too big or too small. We can fit your pool with different thicknesses of liner, giving us the flexibility to tackle pools from the simplest of shapes to more complex constructions. From measuring, fitting, and recommissioning, our service is all encompassing from start to finish. Contact us today or pop in and see us to discuss your requirements.

Liner pool: before

Liner pool: during

Liner pool: fitting

Liner pool: complete

Equipped for the job

Installing pool liner is no easy feat, but with our wide array of equipment we can make the job quicker and more efficient. Our large ‘porta pool’ water storage tanks are ideal for saving you money and preventing water loss whilst your liner is replaced. They also speed up the process as we can refill your pool much more quickly. Our liner vacuums allow us to stretch your liner into place, giving us the opportunity to reposition the liner before water is added and ensure a smooth and accurate fit.

Factory Welded Liners

Traditionally most domestic liner pools are equipped with a 30 thou (0.75mm) thick liner. They are made in a factory, and are often referred to as ‘factory welded’ liners. They are ideal for simpler shape domestic pools and are avaliable in a good variety of colours and patterns. Whether it’s a plain, tile band patterned (only along the water line) or fully patterned liner each one is custom made to fit your pool and give you years of carefree leisure.

On site liners

In some situations traditional factory welded liners are not suitable and a more advanced solution is required. On site welded liners use thicker (1.5mm) reinforced material that is welded together by an expert team to fit your pool exactly. This tough PVC material gives your liner the strength, durability, and flexibility. These unique features make on site liners suitable for more complex pool shapes, higher temperatures, and heavy use pools. They are a perfect solution for refurbishing old concrete and tile pools as well as use in commercial and hydrotherapy settings.

Measured and cut on site

Great for large and heavy use pools

Easily covers complex shapes

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To arrange a service visit or repair for your swimming pool or hot tub, you can call us on 01424 870505, email us on shop@1066pools.co.uk or use the form below.