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Pool Heating

Pool Heating

Nothing beats a relaxing swim in your pool after a long day, nothing that is except a relaxing swim in your heated pool after a long day. At 1066 Pools we offer a range of services throughout East Sussex and the west of Kent to keep your pool warm and enjoyable through the summer and winter months. To find out more about our services on air source heat pumps, electric heaters or fossil fuel heating methods keep reading, or if you have a specific enquiry contact us today or pop in our shop for a chat to discuss your requirements.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are the most efficient way of heating your pool. Working much like a fridge but in reverse air source heat pumps typically output 4 or 5 times the amount of energy they consume, although ultimately this ratio will depend on the outside air temperature. As they work best in warm conditions, they are ideal for heating pools as most will be used between April and September when weather is warmer. Financially and environmentally air source heat pumps are the best solution to heat your pool.

At 1066 Pools we regularly supply and fit air source heat pumps to existing swimming pools. We offer a range of sizes and specifications meaning that even the smallest above ground pool or the largest commercial pool is catered for, even if you want to heat your pool all year round. Simpler plug and play models or digitally controlled and Wi-Fi enabled units can be supplied.

We offer an installation service throughout East Sussex and the west of Kent and can adapt your pools existing pipework and equipment to be suitable for your chosen unit. Contact us today or pop in and chat to discuss your requirements. Because air source heat pumps use compressors and refrigerants, we do not offer services and repairs. We suggest that you employ a suitably qualified heat pump or refrigeration engineer to do this.

Electric pool heaters

Although electric pool heaters can’t offer the efficiency of an air source heat pump, they can heat your pool regardless of air temperature. Furthermore, as the UK’s energy supply becomes more carbon neutral, the environmental impact of electric heaters is lessened. Whether you are looking for help with a maintenance issue on your electric heater or a completely new unit our expert engineers are on standby to help.

Oil & Gas Heating

Many pools are still heated by traditional oil or gas boilers. Although they are not environmentally friendly, they offer consistent heating regardless of air temperature. Due to safety reasons, we always recommend that your boiler is serviced and repaired by either a Gas Safe or OFTEC registered individual/company. As such we do not offer these services. 1066 Pools can help you out with anything ‘pool side’ when it comes to your boiler. For example, supplying and fitting a heat exchanger or repairing pool pipework associated with the heating.

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To arrange a service visit or repair for your swimming pool or hot tub, you can call us on 01424 870505, email us on shop@1066pools.co.uk or use the form below.