Swimming Pool Upgrades

Pool Covers

Pool Covers Supplied, Fitted, and Repaired by 1066 Pools

Covering your swimming pool throughout the year is important and at 1066 Pools we recommend you use a solar cover throughout warmer seasons and a winter cover once the pool is shutdown. The improvements in water quality, heating efficiency and equipment longevity are such that investment in a quality pool cover is always worthwhile. We offer supply, fitting and repairs on a large variety of pool covers so contact us today or pop in and chat to discuss your requirements.

Summer Covers & Reels

At 1066 Pools we believe equipping your outdoor pool with a summer solar cover has clear benefits. The pool will gain more heat from solar energy, it will retain heat better, require less cleaning and reduce chemical consumption. The effect is like that of putting a lid on a kettle and solar covers can be fitted to all outdoor pools regardless of shape or size. 

For indoor pools that are used year-round heat retention covers have the same effect but without solar gains. We can also supply, fit, and repair various reel systems to assist in the removal and storage of your summer cover be it manual, electrical, or solar powered.

Winter Covers

Throughout winter most outdoor pools will be shut down and their equipment winterised to prevent frost damage. As such often the only thing stopping your pool from becoming a glorified pond is a quality well fitted winter cover! By preventing the ingress of dirt and debris, winter covers help maintain water quality but also protect your pool during storms and extreme weather events – in the case of liner pools this is especially important. 

Furthermore, winter covers also keep people and animals out of the pool over winter. Made bespoke in the UK winter covers can be specified to fit most pools, whilst we also offer a repair service for covers in need.

Automated Safety Covers

Our pool cover services also include fitting and repairs on a range of slatted and fabric pool safety covers. These premium covers are great for ease of use and accessibility as they can often be effortlessly opened or closed with the flick of a switch or turn of a key. Many are also excellent safety features and can double up as both summer and winter covers. Choosing the right type of cover for your pool can be difficult so its best to chat to us about your requirements.

Make a Service Enquiry

To arrange a service visit or repair for your swimming pool or hot tub, you can call us on 01424 870505, email us on shop@1066pools.co.uk or use the form below.