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Hot Tub Relocation

Hot tub relocation by 1066 Pools

Our two-person hot tub moving team can relocate your hot tub for you, be it from one area of your garden to another or between properties. We offer this service throughout East Sussex and West Kent. If you need a long-distance hot tub move, consider talking to a haulage company with a local hot tub company at each end to do the positioning and set up. Even if you have an old hot tub which requires extraction and disposal this is a service we offer as well.

For a quick hot tub relocation estimate fill in the form at the bottom of the page. If you have already contacted us for a price or need to provide us with greater details of the move then fill in the full hot tub relocation form by clicking here.

Equipped to get the job done

Using our specialist hot tub trailer and equipment we can extract hot tubs from most locations and then manoeuvre them once they are on their side using an array of dolly’s, sliders, or trolleys. We can also negotiate steps and steeper inclines by building temporary ramps or utilising our specialist winch. If you feel your hot tub relocation may require this additional equipment or will be particularly difficult then contact us today to discuss your relocation needs.

Planning is key

Careful planning and consideration are important when relocating a hot tub. Their weight and size mean a move can be dangerous if not properly planned. Measure both the hot tub and the access avaliable for relocation. Common obstacles that can cause serious difficulties on moves include dwarf walls, satellite dishes, house eaves, guttering, drainpipes, and garden taps. Our hot tub relocation form will help guide you through the planning process but it’s important to take time to consider the practicalities of the relocation yourself.

Need heavy duty equipment?

Some people will require a crane or Hiab to relocate their hot tub. This is not a service that we offer directly, as the insurance and training required is both extensive and expensive. We are happy to work with your chosen hire company during the relocation, as the experts they will be the best people to discuss the lift with. On request we can provide you with details of crane hire companies we have worked with in the past.

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