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Hot Tub Relocation Form

Hot tub relocation form

Our two-person hot tub moving team can relocate your hot tub for you, be it from one area of your garden to another or between properties. We offer this service throughout East Sussex and West Kent. If you need a long-distance hot tub move, consider talking to a haulage company with a local hot tub company at each end to do the positioning and set up. Even if you have an old hot tub which requires extraction and disposal this is a service we offer as well.

For an estimate to relocate your hot tub fill in the form below. If your move is complex or you are unsure if it is possible then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Hot Tub Relocation Quote Request

When adding the measurements below, remember to consider gates, gate posts, gutters and down pipes, raised drain covers, dwarf walls, utility meter boxes, door and window sills or any other obstruction that may reduce the access width. Remember this applies to the full height and width of the Hot Tub

In addition to our usual terms and conditions here is additional information about our hot tub relocation:

1) If access is via a neighbour’s property we can only proceed if you can assure us that permission has been given to access that property.

2) The customer will be responsible for clearing the access route prior to collection and delivery, including the removal and re-fitting of any fixtures such as gates, posts, pipes etc that would impede delivery.

3) A two person team will collect the hot tub, deliver it to the new location and position it.

4) If on arrival at the collection address it is not possible to move the hot tub due to access issues or incorrect information the 50% deposit is not refunded but used to pay for time and diesel.

5) If on arrival at the delivery address it is not possible to position the hot tub due to access issues or incorrect information the spa will be left at the kerb side, front garden or similar. The customer takes full responsibility once the hot tub has been off loaded. The full price still applies.

6) Payment terms are 50% with order to book the date, balance on delivery to new location by cash or full payment by card / bank transfer in advance.

7) Difficult sites will incur extra charges and extra labour may be required at cost.

8) Time allocated at both the collection and delivery addresses is 1 hour each. Any extra time will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

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