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Pool Repairs

Expert assistance from 1066 Pools

At 1066 Pools we offer a full range of swimming pool services, this includes offering repairs when things go wrong. Our expert team of engineers can assist you with a range of issues from the smallest pipe repair to larger refurbishments. Throughout East Sussex and West Kent we are cleaning and repairing pools day in day out so you can be confident in our ability to assist whatever your problem. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, arrange a call out and discuss pricing.

Supply and fitting of parts

Most pools have a different equipment set up, with pumps, filters, heaters, and water treatment units being the most common. Often the huge variety of different brands and parts out there can be daunting. 

Using our knowledge and industry contacts we can obtain most replacement parts and fit them for you to help keep your pool crystal clear. We also supply and fit full replacement components.

Leak tracking

If your pool suffers from water loss, we can help you identify the source of the leak and perform repairs. Using methods such as dye testing, pressure testing, diving and even electronic leak tracking we are equipped with a variety of equipment to pinpoint the issue. 

If it’s the pool liner, wall, pipework, or an internal fitting we can repair or replace as needed once the leak is located.

Water testing & cleaning assistance

Our engineers can also help you if you have not owned a pool before and need help learning how to use and clean it. Once on site with you we can assess the condition of the pool and then give you a full crash course in pool care. 

Even for more experienced pool owners we offer a testing and diagnostic service for those struggling to maintain water quality.

Help and advice all year round

We also offer maintenance services on a variety of pool covers and reels. Manual, automatic, summer or winter. Our well stocked shop is also open all year round to provide advice and remedies for pool water treatment. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Make a Service Enquiry

To arrange a service visit or repair for your swimming pool or hot tub, you can call us on 01424 870505, email us on or use the form below.