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Hot Tub Service & Repair

Hot Tub Service & Repair by 1066 Pools

Here at 1066 Pools, we have experience repairing and servicing most brands of hot tubs and swim spas. We offer this service throughout East Sussex and West Kent. Our engineers will investigate, diagnose, and repair the fault on your hot tub to get it back up and running. Whether it’s a leak, faulty component, or error code contact us today to discuss your requirements, arrange a call out and discuss pricing.

Multi-Point Service Package

We also offer a multi-point service package for those who want a full clean and health check of their hot tub. This service is great for those who have bought a preowned hot tub, inherited one when moving house or want the reassurance that it’s clean and well looked after. Our engineer will provide you with a full report of your hot tub’s condition on completion of the service.

The Best Advice

Some hot tubs can’t be fixed with one visit, often replacement parts need to be ordered. Normally if we need to acquire specific components, we provide you with an estimate to return and complete the repair. However old or new your hot tub is, we will always do our best to advise you the best course of action to take.

Supply & Fitting of Parts

We can also supply parts for most hot tubs directly to you if you already know what needs fixing. Hot tubs have a variety of parts like pumps, heaters, control packs, ozone generators and air blowers. Our experience means we can assist you in identifying the parts you need and then supplying and fitting them for you.

Quick & Efficient

Being quick and efficient saves our customers time and money. By using pumps and portable water storage systems we can quickly empty your hot tub and refill it with the same water. This allows us to diagnose and test hot tubs then quickly empty them to perform a repair. This not only saves water but also saves energy as the hot tub water often only drops a few degrees before it is back in the hot tub.

Water Quality

If you are having issues with the water quality in your hot tub, then we keep our shop well stocked with chemicals and water treatment solutions. Feel free to pop in and our friendly staff will discuss the issue with you and advise a remedy. Often a little advice on testing and dosing goes a long way.

Make a Service Enquiry

To arrange a service visit or repair for your swimming pool or hot tub, you can call us on 01424 870505, email us on or use the form below.