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Pool Servicing

Regular Pool Servicing & Cleaning

Our pool service visits can be arranged on a weekly, two weekly or monthly basis. We undertake as little or as much work as you like and can arrange visits to suit your requirements. On each visit our engineers conduct water balancing, cleaning, filter backwashing and equipment check-ups. We service swim spas, indoor pools, outdoor pools, wooden pools, and hydrotherapy pools. Should you have specific requirements each visit can be tailored to your needs.

Pool open ups & Shutdowns

As a part of our services, we can get your pool ready for the swimming season or shut if down once the season is over. Winterising your pool is important to prevent damage to equipment and the structure by ice and frost. We also offer winter visits to ensure water quality is maintained and your pool can be readied quickly once the season beings. We offer discounts for booking your shutdown, winter checks, and opening together in advance so contact us for details and price.

Advanced testing & water treatment

Regular service visits mean your pool is subjected to advanced testing by our engineers. Although most of our customers will regularly check chlorine levels and pH levels, we also consistently test levels of cyanuric acid, phosphates, water hardness and others. 

Not only does this keep your pool crystal clear but it also ensures long term water quality and helps prolong the life of your pool equipment and structure.

A designated slot in our diary for you

Regular service visits also mean there is designated space and time in our diary for you. We can always use time allocated for service visits to deal with urgent maintenance issues instead. This keeps your pool in action for that all important birthday party or crystal clear for quality family time during the school holidays.

Make a Service Enquiry

To arrange a service visit or repair for your swimming pool or hot tub, you can call us on 01424 870505, email us on or use the form below.