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Earth Spas

Range Overview

British designed and with a vision for a more environmentally friendly hot tub, Earth Spas lead the way when it comes to comfort, style, energy efficiency and hydrotherapy. With 8 hot tubs in the range Earth Spas have an ergonomic design across a variety of sizes and seating layouts. Single loungers, dual loungers and all seaters are available in 4 different colours. Be it the discreet and compact dual lounger Kouri or the large powerful Ha Long Bay, the variety of the range is unrivalled.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

On each Earth Spa, high performance jets ensure an advanced hydrotherapy experience. Each seat in your hot tub has a different arrangement. Pinpoint and rotational jets have been expertly positioned to provide variety and comfort regardless of what size Earth Spa you choose. Two pump Earth Spas also feature a powerful foot massage jet focused on the best seats in the house. An array of air controllers and flow diverters give the primary seats an individual level of control giving each user the power to adapt their experience as they see fit.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly design being a core ethos of Earth Spas means that running costs were a key consideration during the design and construction process. Each hot tub comes with a thicker cover as standard which lowers running costs and prevents heat loss into the surrounding environment. Triple layered energy efficient foam ensures generated heat from the heater and pumps is reused whilst a foil shield works to both reflect internal heat and reflect cold external air.

Efficient Heating

All Earth Spas come EcoSmart73 ready. This gives you the option to upgrade your spas heating system and reduce running costs by up to 73% whilst reducing electricity consumption. Utilising the latest hot tub air source heat pump technology, the EcoSmart73 can be used to both heat and cool your Earth Spa.

Extensive Warranty

Nothing is forgotten on Earth Spas. As standard they come with a subwoofer equipped Bluetooth sound system, a backlit laminar water feature as well as advanced surface and underwater lights. In addition, each hot tub has a designated step to ensure accessibility and user comfort. They can also be upgraded with an external lighting package and a WiFi control module to really entertain and impress. As with all our ranges Earth Spas are covered by an extensive warranty package, backed up by our experience and support should you need it.

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