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Hot Tub Delivery FAQs

We’ve put together some answers to our most frequently asked questions below. These cover Hot Tub Delivery questions but we also have a list of FAQs about General Questions, Hot Tub Installation and Finance for your information.

We always try to get your hot tub to you as soon as we can. The lead time will mostly depend on UK stock availability as most hot tubs are imported. You can normally expect 4-8 weeks for a hot tub that is in stock in the UK. In Spring and Summer lead times may be longer because of excess demand. Before you place a deposit, we will always do our best to give you a realistic timescale, but it’s worth considering that there are lots of variables.

We relocate pre owned hot tubs (see our Hot Tub Relocation service) but will not deliver and install new ones that are not supplied by us. Delivering and installing a product sold by us means we know and understand it, giving us the expertise and contacts to deal with any problems that may arise.

We only deliver locally in East Sussex and west Kent. This is because we believe in providing quality support and help, which is difficult to do at a long distance. As all your warranty support is managed through us, we like to be close by should we be needed. If you are unsure about if we will deliver to you or not, then contact us.

Unless discussed we always deliver as a two-person team. With one of our company vans and our specialist hot tub trailer we will provide all the equipment we feel is necessary to complete delivery. If you feel any specialist or additional equipment is required, then contact us to discuss delivery.

For hot tubs purchased from us we always offer a free site survey prior to delivery. This means we can bring the correct equipment on the day, and you have the reassurance your hot tub will fit. We only conduct a site survey once you have paid a 10% (minimum) deposit. For hot tub relocations it’s the customer’s responsibility to survey both locations, although this can be arranged for an extra fee. If you are unsure about delivery before paying us a deposit, it’s best to send us some photos or a video of the route the hot tub would need to take.

As a rule, we do not offer crane or HIAB hire. We do however have some great local companies we can put you in touch with so contact us for details. These specialist companies will be the best choice to make sure the lift is carried out safely and with the correct equipment.

Most importantly it’s for safety reasons. A company that contracts lifts day in day out is much better equipped and trained. As a smaller local business, the cost of insurance, equipment, and training to ensure correct and safe standards would be considerable.

We will happily cooperate with your chosen company. It’s important you read through the following before proceeding: All responsibility for the lift (planning, supervision, execution, and insurance) is between the customer and their chosen crane company. Guidance is available from the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) in their Technical Information Note TIN 019.

The customer is responsible, with their crane company, to choose between Crane Hire (where the person hiring the crane is responsible for ensuring there is a lift plan in place, detailing a safe system of work, and ensuring that all lifting operations are carried out safely), or, to choose a Contract Lift (where the planning, supervision and execution of the lifting operations will be carried out by the crane owner).

1066 Pools Ltd staff will not act as lift supervisor but will cooperate fully with the lift supervisor by positioning the hot tub ready for the lift and will still help with the final positioning and set up.

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