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Hot Tub Installation FAQs

We’ve put together some answers to our most frequently asked questions below. These cover Hot Tub Installation questions but we also have a list of FAQs about General Questions, Hot Tub Delivery and Finance for your information.

We will connect the power supply to the hot tub but you must have a suitable supply installed in advance. We always recommend you use a suitably qualified electrician. If you don’t have someone who you use already then we can recommend someone.

It will depend on the model if you are not sure then contact us.

Plug and play hot tubs require a weatherproof outside socket rated for up to 13 Amps. If the plug is not close to where you want the hot tub installed, then discuss this with us.
Hardwired hot tubs often have different current requirements up to 32 Amps, these must be equipped with a rotary isolator (suitable for outdoors use) 2m away from the hot tub. This means in case of an emergency the hot tub can be quickly turned off but that the isolator is a safe distance from the water. You must also have enough cable to go from the isolator to the hot tub controls.

No, unless there is insufficient length. We will always try and make sure as little cable as possible is outside the hot tub. Trailing cables are a trip hazard and are vulnerable to the elements. We normally drill a hole in the base of your hot tub, on the closest side to the power supply, which acts as a cable entry point. Leaving lots of spare cable means we can position your hot tub correctly.
Your Hot tub needs to be placed on a solid, flat, and level base. Concrete or paving slabs are best. Hot tubs can be placed on decking, but the decking must be reinforced, it’s worth considering that decking will rot over time. Grass, bare ground, or gravel is not suitable. No padding or material between your hot tub and base is required. Hot tubs put on poor bases are unlikely to qualify for warranty claims.
Sinking your hot tub in decking might make draining, winterising, or repairs more costly and time consuming. Please discuss your plans with us if you want to sink your hot tub.
No, all the hot tubs we sell are designed to be independent units. If it is within reach of your garden hose you’re ready to go.

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