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We’ve put together some answers to our most frequently asked questions below. These cover general questions but we also have a list of FAQs about Hot Tub Delivery, Hot Tub Installation and Finance for your information.

Yes, we have lots in stock at our shop. See the contact us page for directions and opening times.

We cannot dropship chemicals nationwide, there are stringent packing and transportation rules for most pool and hot tub chemicals so always proceed with caution if you order online. If you have an appointment with us, we will happily bring along any chemicals you require and add them to the final bill.

We stock most chemicals needed for hot tubs and pools. Chlorine, Bromine, PH adjusters, shock treatments and much more. We also stock 10 litre barrels of liquid chlorine, 25kg bags of sand filter media for pools and 25kg bags of granular salt for pools as well. Contact us if you are looking for specific chemicals you think we may not stock.

Yes, we always try to have at least one hot tub heated and running at our shop. Most of the time we will have 2 or 3 models running so you can see the difference between different size and power hot tubs.
Unfortunately, we do not have a wooden pool built at our shop as there is not enough space. We will happily provide you with lots of images of our previous builds.

Yes, you can. Although it is worth considering that we do not have changing facilities or a bathroom and our display area is not private as it is next to the main car park for the garden centre. For those that want to wet test its best to contact us and arrange an appointment when it is quiet.

Our lead time for appointments tends to be seasonal, we are always much busier in Spring and Summer as more people are using their pools and hot tubs. It will vary month to month so contact us to check.

We stock smaller hot tub and pool parts. A variety of O’rings, hot tub Jets, and 1.5” pipework. We tend not to stock bigger items like pumps or heaters as normally these must be specific to an existing pool or hot tub set up. We can acquire specific parts for you on request.
We stock lots of pool maintenance equipment like poles, nets, brushes as well as vacuum heads and hoses. We also sell hot tub and pool cartridge filters, accessories, and toys.

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