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Vian S7 Plus Heat Pump

Vian S7 Plus Heat Pump


A powerful full inverter heat pump that’s ideal for heating a swim spa or rapidly heating a hot tub. With a COP of up to 6.08 by utilising the inbuilt inverter it’s a vast improvement on an electric heater.


We can fit the S7 Plus heat pump onto all new hot tubs and swim spas purchased from us and in most cases retro fit it onto your existing one. The price stated is if bought with a new 1066 Pools hot tub or swim spa, get in touch with us today to discuss pricing and requirements for a retrofit.

Your heat pump will need to sit directly adjacent to your swim spa/hot tub and will need a solid level base. Holes will be drilled in the base/cabinet to allow us to install the pipework and cables to connect the heat pump into the filtration system. In most cases our heat pumps do not need a separate power supply. We will disconnect your electric heater and use the supply for the heat pump instead. The heat pump will produce a small amount of water

Size 910 x 355 x 620
COP @ 10 Centigrade 4.35 – 6.08
COP @ 27 Centigrade 6.4 – 16.9
Usage Hot Tub and Swim Spa
Operating Range (Centigrade) – 10 to 43
Heating Range (Centigrade) 15 – 40
Sound output @ 1 m dB 32 – 45
Required Flow Rate 3.1 m3/hr (51.6 L/min)
Full inverter? Yes

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